Peyronies Cure - What To Do When There Is No Peyronie's Cure
By Staggerlee Phillips

At this time there is no known Peyronie's cure for men who suffer from this painful disease. The only 2 ways found to be help are surgery and drugs. For men who have tried drugs and are not happy with the results surgery may be an option.

You should consider surgery only after considering these 4 things.

1. How severe is your Peyronie's disease. With any surgery you have to consider the financial costs and the risks associated with the surgery itself. If you have a severe case of Peyronie's disease and it is interfering in your sex life then surgery may be an option for you.

2. How long have you had the disease. You should have worked on another solution and given it a chance to work as long as 12 months before you jump into surgery.

3. During this 12 month period you will want to try other medical therapy.

4. Is your condition stable meaning it is not changing. If it is getting better or worse surgery may not be for you right now.

Because surgery will not cure Peyronie's disease you need to consider the risks associated with this type of surgery.

1. The loss of elasticity that occurs with the disease can reduce the length of the erection.

2. Surgery cannot completely restore the penis to its former length or condition.

3. Due to the anatomical location of sensory nerves in the penis, surgery can interfere with skin sensation. While temporary changes in sensation are common, permanent sensory loss is rare.

4. Some procedures shorten the penis more than others. Some surgical options are more effective in completely straightening curvature. Still, every operation carries the risk of less than perfect straightening.

5. Finally, by disturbing either blood inflow or outflow, surgery can produce either loss of erectile rigidity or inability to maintain an erection. Impotence then brings on new problems of it's own.

Surgery can range from tissue grafts, implants, and the Nesbit prodcedure. It is the best way to surgically correct congenital curvature. This operation, or its various modifications, corrects bending by gathering the convex or outer side of the bend. Counteracting the relative shortage of tunica albuginea on the concave side straightens the penis, though length is reduced slightly as a consequence.

Still, this procedure is less likely to cause erectile dysfunction than tissue grafting, and remains the first choice for moderate bends without associated diameter reduction.

If you suffer from Peyronie's disease unfortunately drugs or surgery are the best you can hope for at this time. Be sure and consider your options carefully because of this lack of Peyronie's cure.

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