Peyronies Disease Treatment - Peyronies Disease Treatment With Drugs
By Staggerlee Phillips

Do you suffer from Peyronie's disease? Peyronie's disease is a disorder of the penis that can cause a lump within the shaft of the penis, pain in the shaft of the penis, and a bent penis. Many different Peyronie's disease treatments have been tried in the past. What has been found is that drugs can be effective in treating the disease. Let's look closer at Peyronie's disease and treating it with drugs.

First of all a man might notice a tender lump in his penis. This might be followed by the penis being bent when it is erect. It is important to remember that a degree of upward angulation of an erect penis is normal and not a feature of Peyronie's disease.

If you notice a lump in your penis your first reaction is to panic or wonder what in the world is going on. You may even think you have cancer. Penile cancer is very rare. Peyronie's disease is the most common cause of such lumps. If you find a lump do not panic. You may have Peyronie's disease.

If you think that you might have Peyronie's disease, you should see your family doctor first. If you feel you want to see a specialist you could see a genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic. Your doctor will want to hear how the problem has developed and how it affects you, and to examine you.

If the problem has been present for a long time and is not causing you much trouble your doctor might recommend no treatment at all. If it has been present for a long time and is causing you sexual difficulties you may be referred to see a urologist.

Drugs may be helpful in the early stages or active Peyronie's disease. If your lump is expanding or is painful drugs can be used to reduce the pain, lump size and eventually the deformity.

Vitamin E and potassium aminobenzoate have been shown to improve pain in 30 to 60 per cent of affected men, but do not seem to affect lump size or deformity of the erect penis.

In recent studies Tamoxifen has improved pain in about 80 per cent of affected men. However only 30 per cent of men have seen a reduced lump size and deformity when taking Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is best know for it's use in the treatment of breast cancer. It has relatively few side effects and many specialists now prescribe it for Peyronie's disease treatment.

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